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Cultural Exchange International was founded in 2002. Its mission is simple: to promote and facilitate cultural understanding between people of China and the West.

Along with its long history and rich culture, China has been the only country in the world with a double-digit GPA growth in the last decade. Due to it s economic reform , China has emerged as a significant contender in global politics and economics. An understanding of China and her people has become crucial in today's global climate .

Cultural Exchange International was founded by author and speaker Ji-li Jiang, a native of China . In 1992, Ms. Jiang co-founded East West Exchange, Inc, which promoted cultural exchange between China and the West through various activities. The success of her ventures convinced her there was a need to expand her operations. Thus, Cultural Exchange International was born.

Cultural Exchange International was incorporated in the state of California in 2002 and achieved its 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Status from the US Federal Government in June 2002.

  Cultural Exchange International, Contact: info@culturalexchangeinternational.org