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Cultural Exchange International is a nonprofit organization that depends on grants and donations to operate. With your generosity, Cultural Exchange International is able to touch some children's lives, to promote better understanding amongst people around the world, and to build a foundation for peace. Each contribution might not be big, but together, the impact is significant and lasting.

Send your tax-deductible donation to:

Cultural Exchange International
4 Commodore Dr. #442
Emeryville , CA 94608

Your donation will be tax deductible. Cultural Exchange International will send you the tax deduction information at the end of each calendar year.

Tax ID or Federal Employer ID: 01-0710747
Contact Person: Ji-li Jiang, Director
Telephone: (510) 601-5779
Email: info@culturalexchangeinternational.org

  Cultural Exchange International, Contact: info@culturalexchangeinternational.org