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Kids for Kids

Even with the fast growth rate of China 's GPA, there are still 10% of children in rural areas who cannot afford going to school, and almost 40% of elementary students who cannot continue their secondary education. (60 million people live on less than $1 per day)

“Save an ice cream, sponsor one Chinese kid” is the Kids for Kids slogan. A gift of $80 would allow participants to sponsor a child and pay his/her school fees for a year. This sponsorship could change the child's life completely.

Here are the few steps you can take—

  1. Become a sponsor: Fill out the Sponsorship Application Form (pdf)
  2. Make donation: $80 for each child's annual school fee

    Make check out to:

    Cultural Exchange International

    Send check to:

    Cultural Exchange International
    4 Commodore Dr. #442
    Emeryville , CA 94608

  3. What to expect:


  Cultural Exchange International, Contact: info@culturalexchangeinternational.org