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Mission Possible: Send 24 Computers to a School in Africa before Thanksgiving 2010


Nate Bloss is currently a Peace Corp volunteer teaching at a school in Namibia. He is a Civil Engineering graduate that grew up in Wisconsin. Nate has devoted most of his spare time to designing houses, a computer lab/library, a drip irrigation system for the locals, and an orphanage. In most cases, he has to work with villagers to raise funds to build as well. His two year assignment in Namibia ends this December; In April he will transfer to Kenya to continue working as a Peace Corps Volunteer; in Kenya he will build bridges, catchment dams, and drip irrigation fields in the villages. Learn more about Nate's work at http://natebloss.blogspot.com/.

The address of his school: P.O. Box 2996, Ondangwa, Namibia Contact Nate: +264 81 411 3158, natebloss@gmail.com


The school has 560+ students. The village has no access to computers, and student's knowledge of them is very limited. Last year Nate and his team raised money to construct a computer. Construction of the lab was completed in May. However, the promised computers from the Ministry of Education were never delivered. Nate emailed over 200 computer related companies in the US asking for help; he received one reply from a Silicon Valley employee. Nate and Cathy are now asking for your help. We are collecting used computers and money to cover the cost of shipping.

How Can You Help?

1. Donate “retired” computers (in working condition). Used notebooks are preferred; they are lighter and cheaper to ship. We plan to ship two mixed pallets of desktop/LCD and laptops. After two weeks of fund raising, we have 6-7 desktops and 2 laptops committed, we need 15 more. Contact whoever forwards you this flyer or Cathy @ 408-215-8899, namebiaschool@yahoo.com

2. Donate money to cover freight and buy LCD/used computers (just in case we can't get enough). The conclusion after 2 weeks of research is: since the closest port to the school is 2000km away (Johannesburg), the best way to ship is via air to Namibia's capital city (Windhoek). The school will work with Peace Corps to find transport over the last 800km between the capital and the village. The goal is to raise $3000 to cover air freight, transportation, custom duty and other fees. Five friends have committed $1850 in the past week. All donations are tax deductable; a letter will be sent to the donor by year's end. Here's the non-profit organization you may write checks to (Thanks to Jili's great help), under memo: Nate's Namibia School Computer Lab.

Cultural Exchange International

4 Commodore Dr. #442 Emeryville, CA 94608 http://www.culturalexchangeinternational.org/ourwork.htm

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What's Your Reward?

The Beautiful Smiles of 562 Kids in a Namibian Village !


Let's Turn Your “Trash” into Someone Else' Treasure

-Donate Your Used Computer!


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